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Day 1 


Gathering your thoughts will give you better ideas

Learn 2 different ways to get more and more ideas

Day 5 


Look for your customers and get more feedback

Don’t be happy with a specific number of customers, go for more.

Day 2 


Who defines the future of my idea?

Ask the essential questions to build your future

Day 6 


Stop Chasing your tail and learn real lessons

It’s not just about speed, you have to learn about that speed

Day 3 


You can't buy food
with ideas, you need a business model.

Understand why a business model is a must at this stage

Day 7 


Houston, starting countdown 3..2..1.. LAUNCH!

Final checklist before start this new business

Day 4 


Stop talking about your idea and show it. 

a prototype is worth more than 1000 pictures though.

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