Go from zero to founder with our Startup Courses

Learn How:


 1. To validate your ideas 

 2. To design experiments 

 3. To build prototypes 

3 Week Evening Course

A flexible program of

6 sessions, to learn how to test your idea in the market, get early customer traction.

6 Days Immersive Course

An immersive week to learn how to test your idea in the market, and get your early customer traction.

In house Training

We teach you how to launch and test a new business model. We help you accelerate and de-risk innovation. 

This training is the next step to develop your idea


Join our classes and learn from our proven methodology


Dozens of tested and curated tools 


Designed by and for Entrepreneurs


Access to 1 month of Co-working space

What you will get

We are

re-launching soon​!

Five immersive days to launch your Startup 


Eight sessions to learn how to apply a clear methodology and tools


Activities to test your knowledge and expand your learning


Coaching from entrepreneurs and innovation experts


An opportunity to pitch your idea to an audience


Access to one month of Co-working space in Rotterdam 


Access to the Buildup Camp online community


Access to an online Toolbox with dozens of resources


One personal coaching sessions post-course, for your next steps after the course


Course content 

πŸ”Ž Find your customer 


Understand what is the mindset and process to building empathy and understanding the needs and wants from your future customer segment. 


πŸ“Š Research Methods β€‹


How to gather data that is meaningful for your idea? What should you pay attention to, and how to develop a data driven decision making approach.


πŸ’‘ Ideation ​


How do you know if your idea is a good idea? We teach how to develop new creative ideas that are tailored in solving real problems. 


πŸ“± Prototyping


How to build a proper minimum viable product? Learn about the latest prototyping tools, when and how to use them to make your ideas tangible. 


πŸ§ͺ Testing 


How to set up an experiment? Understand the importance of metrics and the process to develop experiments that help you test specific aspects of your value proposition. 



πŸ€” FAQ

Who is this course for ?


This course is for you if:


  • You have an idea but not sure where to start

  • You have launched your business but you feel stuck

  • You don't have time or resources to launch your product

  • You want to learn how to solve real problems 

  • You want to upgrade your toolkit as an innovator


What’s the level of this course? Can I take it if I’m a total beginner?


We’ve designed the course to be beneficial both to people who are just starting out, and those who are already somewhat familiar with building products. 


Will I actually be able to launch my product after completing the course? 


Yes! Our goal is to provide you with all the knowledge, methodology and the tools you need to successfully launch your first product. Something you feel like you’re missing at the end? Just tell us and we’ll make it happen!


Will I get a certified?

Yes! You’ll be individually certified by us, but remember that this is about getting your idea out there, and learning the most you can about your customer and how to improve your idea.   


Can I find all of this information online for free?


In theory you probably could, the problem is that all the information and tools are spread out and do not show only the necessary to get up and running. It is easy to waste time looking at methodologies and canvases that do not add any value to your idea. 


I want to train my company/employees?

Yes – we’re really passionate about empowering entire teams with the idea exploring process. If 5 or more people at your company would like to take the course and become certified, then get in touch with contact@buildupcamp.com and we can tell you more about our special team pricing and certification.


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