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6 principles that help you validate your Startup idea

Validating your Startup idea is a crucial,

we share our principles in our guide to help you do it right.

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Principle 1

Gather your thoughts 💡

Organise any data you have. Gathering your thoughts will lead you to better ideas.
Principle 2

Don’t fall in love with your idea 😍

Your idea will evolve with time, for now focus on learning more about the problem.
Principle 3

Go to the problem source 🤷

Look for your potential customers and get more feedback on your idea.
Principle 4

Learn from the experts 👥

Experts have more knowledge about your problem. Learn real lessons directly from experts.
Principle 5

Define your business model 📊

You can't buy food without a business model. Start thinking on how you'll be making 💰.
Principle 6

Prototype it before you build it 🚀

Houston, starting countdown 3..2..1.. LAUNCH! Prototype it and show it to the market.

Learn how to test your idea

Startup Validation
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Learn how to test and validate your Startup idea.

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