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Day 1

Explore your ideas 💡

Organise any data you have. Gathering your thoughts will give you clarity on your startup idea.

Day 2

Define the future of your idea 🗺️

Ask the essential questions to the right people to start building the future of your idea.

Day 3

You can't buy food with ideas 💰

You can't buy food without a business model. Start thinking on how you'll be making money.

Day 4

Stop talking start showing 🤐

They say an image is worth 1,000 words. A prototype is worth more than 1000 pictures though.

Day 5

Listen to your customers👂

Your customers will help you build your product if you know how to get them involve.

Day 6

Get from signal to learning ⚗️

By now you have some data around your customers, your solution and your overall idea, what's next?

Day 7

We're ready to launch🚀

Final checklist before pursuing this new startup idea.

This crash course is...

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89% Actionable ✅
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