"We are on a mission to democratise startup education"
- Buildup Camp Team

Our story

Buildup Camp is over 2 years old now, and there could not be a more exciting time to work on our mission. As we saw the immense transition to digital work and digital life, we realized how crucial our work would be.

Just like any other Startup we have gone through different phases and also pivoted along the way. Here is a quick recap of what we what we were in the last two years:

1) Web Development Academy
2) Future of Work Academy
3) Online incubator for entrepreneurs
Among others....

All of these different stages were almost like phases a teenager would go through, we were jus trying to understand where we will fit-in and how we could help the most. Our transition at Buildup Camp has gone hand in hand with experimentation, and testing different propositions in the market until we got to this point.

For now we look at ourselves as an Online Academy for entrepreneurs, we want to be the place where you go to when you need help with your Startup, whatever the problem is, we should be able to help you solve it, or point you at the right direction. We have the right mix of expertise, experience and passion for the problem which we believe makes us unique.

We'd love to help you launch your Startup better and faster.

Meet the crew

Andres Campo


Chief Sprinter Officer


Product Marketing


Experiment Lead