Our program in a nutshell

Our Validation Sprint covers the most up to date methodologies and tools, provides hands-on mentorship, and step-by-step guides to build your prototype.

Design sprint
No-code tools
Lean startup
User research
Pitching ideas
User interviews
Business design
“If every Startup would do this process properly failure rate will not be >90%.”
Wilco Visser
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  • Practice oriented curriculum
    Access to tools & resources
    Flexible evening schedule

Week 1

All of our sessions start 18:00 Hr and end at 20:00 Hr (CEST) , Thursday this week you will be working on your own.


Lean Model Canvas

Review and map the assumptions about your startup.


Problem Discovery

Understand the problem of your customer.



Review your progress with our coaches and get feedback.


Out of the building

Talk to your customers and learn more about them and your product.


Experiment Design

Design a hypothesis and an experiment to test your idea.

Week 2

All of our sessions start 18:00 Hr and end at 20:00 Hr (CEST) , Wednesday this week you will be working on your own.



Explore no-code tools to build your prototype.



Review your progress with our coaches and get feedback.


Out of the building

Talk to your customers and learn more about them and your product.



Look back at your process, define what's the next step


Demo Day

Show your work to your loved ones and our community.

Get coached by top talent

We work with top talent that helps you in the process of the design of your business and also the prototype you are building.

Our coaches work in the intersection of innovation, marketing and tech to help you take the right steps.

Follow a clear

We have stress tested, iterated and improved our methodology for the past two years to help you go from idea to learnings.

We combine different processes and methodologies to help you get there and launch faster.

Build a no-code prototype

We help you design a prototype using no-code tools and show you how these tools can save you time in and resources in product development while taking the first steps.

Our entire program is built on the basis of helping founders launch something tangible into the market, whether that is a product or a service.

Meet the facilitators


Andres is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the Rotterdam Business School (RUAS). He is a certified Design Sprint Facilitator, and he is also a facilitator for the largest Startup Community in the world Techstars Startup Weekend.

Arthur von Kriegenbergh

Arthur helps corporates to work like startups, and startups to launch successfully. He has run 60+ Design Sprints for companies like BMW and ING, and has a YouTube channel about workshops.

A message from the facilitators:

How often do you think about a Startup idea for months, but you never get to action, then a couple of years later, you read in the news that someone raised capital and are successful with the same idea you had?

We believe every founder has at least one story like that. When talking to early-stage founders, we realized how difficult it was to get it right, and how crucial this early stage was.  Founders have shared with us their challenges:

- "I don't know what's the first step is to build my business"
- "How can I test I have a good idea?"
- "Should I build something now or find a co-founder?"

We decided to start a journey to help founders and Startup teams in their entrepreneurial path. In the last two years, our approach has helped 50+ early-stage founders test their Startup ideas successfully. We'd love to help you launch your Startup better and faster.


Next cohort starting: June 11th

Our programs are tailored for solo founders and Startup teams. The price below covers the attendance of a maximum 3 founders per Startup team.

Validation Sprint
  • 12-month access to our curriculum
  • Access to our Sprint community
  • Ongoing curriculum updates
  • Tools & resources for prototyping
  • Upgrade to full program at anytime
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Validation Sprint
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🎯 Who is this program for?

This program is ideal for Startup founders that are looking to validate their Startup idea.. In the process of building the best way to help founders and Startup teams we realized we have a formula that helps a wider range of professionals working in Product Validation.

Made with love for:

- Solo Founder
- Startup Teams
- Product Managers
- Intrapreneurs
- Innovation teams
🏅 What would be the outcome of this program?
By the end of this program you will have a working prototype, and some market insights collected first hand by following a proven process. You will come out as a better idea tester and you will understand how to develop validation experiments and go from idea to first signal.

Learn how to:

- Design validation experiments
- Build Prototypes
- Use No-code tools
- Get market data & insights
🗓 How long is the Startup Validation Sprint?
The Validation Sprint it's a two-week evening program with a total commitment of around 20 hours, our program has a mix of self learning, workshops, coaching and building time.

No bluff all action

- Highly effective workshops
- Our program is hands-on and practice oriented
- No excuses just focus
⚽️ How many people can join per Startup Team?
Our pricing includes access for more than one founder for now. The price covers up to 3 members per team. Which means that if you pay for a ticket you can bring along a max of two founders.